Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

December 20th, 2009

Christmas Tree Part 1

Christmas Tree Part 1

Lights Only

Lights Only


Despite the fact I will be spending Christmas with my parents in their new home in Mississippi, I decided to put up some Christmas Cheer.

This required going to two storage places (Friends #1 and Friends #2) to get my ornaments.  Made for a great day–brunch with some of my bestest buddies here in CH, then off to

*** pause for dramatic effect***


Though I was truly terrified, it wasn’t so bad.  I car-stalked some shoppers and got a great spot.  1 hour later I had the only purchase I needed-a gift for my sister.

Off the the country to get my tree.  It always surprises me how close to the country I really am, here.  I drive 30 seconds in one direction and suddenly I’m surrounded by one-hundred year old farmhouses tucked into rolling hills.  For a few moments I long for the Walden-like solitude the people who live here must have.

Yet they, too, can drive 10 minutes away and reach Walmart.  God Bless America.

Dusty ornaments in hand, I came back home to put up my tree.

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