The “I Killed My Palm Tree” Cocktail, Light

January 4th, 2010

When I got home from Mississippi after Christmas, I had to finally accept what I had been dreading for weeks:

My Palm Tree Was Dead

I was so sad.  Especially because it was my fault.

I bought the tree for, like, $5 at Home Depot the first few months I was here.  Despite my persistent black thumb, my palm survived.  Last year I even dropped it off at my friend’s house so they could palm-sit over the holidays.

I bought it a new, pricey container and always intended to transplant it because I thought it had outgrown its small plastic pot.  It also got brown leaves a lot, which I thought needed some lime, so I bought that too to work into the soil.

Alas, I’m a busy person, and I neglected my palm.  Truly, I was abusive.  I left it out when it froze overnight.  For 2 years I faithfully brought it in from the cold, but ironically the nice, new pot I bought it made it impossible for me to lift, so I didn’t bring it in in time.

I had noticed wilting leaves for weeks.  Frantically, I cut off all it’s beautiful (but broken) fronds prior to leaving for home in the hopes it would regenerate.

White Stuff is Not Good

Sigh, I was wrong.

Looks Like a Cancer Tree

Looks Like a Cancer Tree

I got home to find my poor palm growing white mold.  (Dum dum da dum da da dum da dum da dum–WordPress Death March).

So, a few days late, it is time to salute my palm.  The only living thing besides myself I have kept alive for more than a few days.

Only Fitting is a Signature Cocktail.  Sadly, I’m on a diet (yeah yeah, I know, typical pre-bride).  So, this will be the “light” version.

I thought a lot about this cocktail because I wanted to pay proper tribute to something that really was kind of a companion down here.  It gets lonely in my condo, and my palm was a friend.


1) TEQUILA, naturally, for a palm. 1.5 oz.  I used my tall black bottle, Insignia Tequila Reposado. 100% agave.

2) Lemonade Passionfruit Skinny Water (would have used lemon juice but the lemons were moldy just like the palm).  I guess the passion part is appropriate

3) 13 dashes of Fee’s Bro’s peach bitters.  I just got these bitters yesterday and I was curious.  I also thought it was like putting a little part of me (Southerness) into a south-of-the-border drink.  Peaches always remind me of wilting Southern Belles, and the wilting part reminded me of fading away into the sunset (see #4).

4) Drop of Grenadine to mimic a sunset.  Actually, this looks like a Tequila Sunrise, but whatever.

Voila! Imbibe!

The Drink is Definitely prettier than the Tree

The Drink is Definitely prettier than the Tree

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