All-nighters, grownup style: Wedding Ceremony Decor

January 11th, 2010

I did something very stupid today.

I stayed up all night long.

My sleep is so precious that I should nevahh compromise it unless forced; however, I do this now and then when I get a bee in my bonnet.  It is usually when I have been inspired to finish some project, and





Tonight’s labor of love?  The pomadors for my wedding ceremony.

I’ve had this idea for awhile, now.  In fact, I made a dry-run with real carnations because I intended to use carnations as my main flower (cheap, hearty, abundant).  Then I made a fascinating discovery:

Paper Flowers can look Real

I was skeptical, but I thought, What the Hell?  I’m loosing perhaps a buck- fifty on a roll of toilet paper and some napkins, so why not?

I scoured every Michaels in a 20-mile radius eating up the very dregs of after-Christmas sales.  I actually had to settle for red Harris Teeter (ahem, grocery store) napkins cause I couldn’t find red tissue paper on sale (and I’m too cheap to pay full price).

I had dinner with friends and didn’t get home till 10:30.  Since I didn’t get up till noon, I had had a late start to the day anyway.  Then I commenced hours of toilet-paper-flower making.

I looked it up online, and it was super easy.  Just time  consuming.

And Voila!!  As of this morning, I have pomador #1 of 10 (or more . . .)

Can you believe this is toilet paper?  I’m so thrilled.  This project is totally  a Lena-project.  Cheap but classy.

Total cost: about $7.50 minus tax since I bought the 8in styrofoam ball and turquoise ribbon with a 20% off coupon and I got the monogram ornaments last year after Christmas.

Tell me what you think!

Copy of DSC00031Copy of DSC00032Copy of DSC00034

The finished product will hang on a Shepherd’s Hook something like this:

(taken from


And I’ll wrap some gold curly ting (learned a new word) around the base.

Curly Ting

Curly Ting

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    Good luck to you. My blog is small and I know very little about how to do it. I used GoDaddy WordPress hosting. I have called them multiple times today for problems, and they were great with help.

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