January 30th, 2010

Today is the day before my birthday and I got the BEST GIFT EVER: an unexpected day off from work! I could not get my car out of my parking lot.  I really did try–it simply could not be done.  We’ve gotten over 6 inches of snow here.  I don’t have salt or a shovel, so there’s no way I’m going anywhere today.

Thank heavens my attending could get in, but that’s only because he’s in walking distance.  He couldn’t get his car out either (:

So, I get an extra day off and I get to make snow ice cream.

I wrote this post on facebook last year. It snowed on inauguration day, and that’s the last time I had snow ice cream.

I take it as a blessed day. On the inauguration of America’s first biracial president, North Carolina was inundated with snow. Children and Adults were allowed to stay home and play in the fresh powder, also getting to see the inauguration on TV. As I write, the rosy sun is setting on about 5 inches of snow in my front yard.

Ironically, I flew in from Chicago last night. Chicagoans have no respect for snow. I cannot blame them–it really screws up their lives for an extended period of time every friggin year.

For a Southerner, snow is a surprise, a blessing, a lagniappe, a treat. Snow means snow ice cream.

When I was a girl, my mom would go out to our great big green table on the back porch and scrape a big bowl o’ snow (clean, fresh powder). Then she made us one of the most treasured southern treats: *Snow* Ice Cream.

Snow Ice Cream is a miracle. It is homemade ice cream in 2 seconds flat (well, maybe 30 seconds). What takes a crank or hand mixer hours, takes less than a minute with snow. And it tastes exactly the same.

It is truly decadent and can only be made on the very special occasion of a Southern Snow (i.e. once in 7-10 years).

Poor Yankees have no appreciation for Snow Ice Cream. They have no idea what it is. When I moved to Chicago, I was so excited–Snow Ice Cream every year! Alas, no one had ever head of snow ice cream, and they all recoiled at my description of it. Eat snow? In Chicago? They were convinced I’d get cancer or some other hideous disease.

I did make it at least once, with my friend Janke. If he thought it was crazy, he didn’t say so at the time. He was too polite, I guess.

Recipe for *Snow* Ice Cream:
One BIG bowl of fresh , clean snow scraped from a clean surface (this is, of course, a key feature of snow ice cream)
(A tip: leave an inch or two at the bottom to ensure clean snow)
One can of sweetened, condensed milk
One tablespoon of vanilla
(AGAIN, branding: McCormick’s vanilla is all I remember from childhood. Sadly, I used mexican vanilla and it’s . . . . just .. . . not . . . . the . . . same)

Mix. That’s It. I promise.

It can’t be saved. Neither can the snow–it gets too icy. Have a party and celebrate innocence.


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