When confronted with mortality

April 2nd, 2010

I haven’t written in a long time.  That is because I have been working about 17 hours a day–first it was making wedding invitations.  Next it was actually work, working.

When you work this much, you go into complete survival mode.  Eat whatever you can get your hands on.  Drink to keep yourself awake (i.e. caffeine). Shower. Toileting. Back to work.

So my condo is a tornado.  I have a trail that runs through it so I can walk.  Step off the trail at your own risk.

A few weeks ago, though, the world came to a grinding stop.  One of my good friends in college, one of my sorority little sisters, actually, is fighting for her life in an ICU.

I am seriously concerned she won’t make it, and I pray for her everyday.

She had her first child a month ago, and within a few days, she got very ill from a lung infection that was only minor before the baby was born.

She has something called ARDS.  It is a horrible, long, scary process that doesn’t always end well.  It is a day by day waiting game.

We got some good news first, then 2 days ago I got bad news.

I cannot fathom losing this friend of mine.  She is an angel.  She truly, truly, has no malice.  I so admire that about her.

Her son is one month old and has been held by his mother only a few times.  It makes me physically ill to think of his tiny little self and his father, all alone.

She is a young, beautiful lady with a beautiful baby boy and she honestly, truly might die.

I see death every day.  I prepare people for death and often have to help them learn how to confront their own mortality.  More often, I have to challenge their families to confront their loved-one’s mortality.  I have never had to face the mortality of one of my friends.

I don’t exactly know what to do, and if anyone should know, I should.

Right now I just pray.  It’s been two days, and no word.  I’m really afraid to ask at this point.

I pray for an Easter miracle.

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