Adventures in dehydrating: okay, so green beans, yeah not that great

January 16th, 2013

Perhaps I was a little naïve. Perhaps I could’ve done a bit of extra research before I made this purchase. I mean, I had it all worked out in my head, but you know what they say about hindsight.

So experiment number two was green beans, right? I was so excited about green beans. Who wouldn’t want some crunchy spicy curry green beans to snack on? After my arugula fail, I was sure I had hit a homer with this one.

Oh the best laid plans of mice and men…

Problem #1: it took for-ev-uh to dry. It did say it would take 8 to 12 hours to dry, which was much longer than the other things. I didn’t really believe it, so I set it on 8 hours. Sure ’nuff they were right. Eight hours later they were maybe two-thirds there.

So I just cranked it up again and let it run for another three hours. This morning I took them out, expecting an improvement. Which leads us to:

Problem #2: They are really durn hard and chewy. There ain’t no crunch here.

I mean, duh Lena, have you had dehydrated soup before? Don’t you remember that that’s what happens when you dehydrate things?

I was seduced by the crunch of the kale chips, and naïvely believe that all fruits and vegetables would dehydrate in such a manner. Now I am more than a little concerned about my next experiments.

Ever the optimist though, I soldier on. Next up: orange cardamom eggplant chips. I really hope this one is going to be better, or I’m going to have to get really creative with my dehydrator fails.


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