#DDW13 Quick Update on Mega Meetings

May 20th, 2013

I’m flying back home (gotta love plane wifi) and here are my quick thoughts on this year’s mega meeting, DDW 2013.

1. It seemed quieter in general: not sure what the attendance stats were, but seemed like less people and the twitter stream was smaller.   BUT as Meenakshi Budhraja (@gastromom) pointed out it was a higher quality stream: less junk more usable tweets
2. I loved meeting a few other tweeters I know from the twitter universe. Social media is a powerful tool, but nothing competes with a “Howdy and a handshake.”   When we go back to our homes we can now connect those @ handles to a real human. Thanks @mathena123 @gastromom @RyanMadanickMD @meducate @alcoss (though I didn’t get to meet @alcoss in person ):
3. I dialed it down this year. I had some last minute personal conflicts that necessitated an abbreviated DDW, so I had no time to obsess over what I was doing when.   I made a decision NOT to go out guns blazing, and it was a less stressful DDW than some of my prior ones.   I went to the AGA post-grad course for most of Saturday and Sunday when I wasn’t in AGA committee meetings.   I saw a few extra sessions in which I was interested, and I talked to a lot of friends and acquaintances.   I sacrificed a valuable ASGE-sponsored session on Women in GI for some extra sleep and a wonderful conversation with @gastromom that I wouldn’t trade.   I went to the always inspiring AGA Women’s luncheon where I continue to feel like well-cared-for professional with an army of brilliant, successful women watching my back.   I spent a high-impact 30 minutes talking about the AGA Outcomes Registry and Bridges to Excellence program with Sam Walters, head of Quality at the AGA and Gail Hecht, my new division chief.   Both are excellent programs, and I’m excited we’ll be moving forward with them at Loyola.

I missed a great deal of the scientific programming, but I had a fulfilling professional meeting regardless.

4. After attending the major nutrition meeting earlier this year, ASPEN, I purchased a different iPad case that had a bluetooth keyboard.  I learned my hospital case (a Griffin Air Strap Med) and my stylus (Adonit Jot Flip) worked great for going room-to-room interviewing patients in the hospital, but they didn’t cut it for taking notes at conferences.  I decided the $90 investment for a conference case was worth it.  Literally a few hours before my flight out I went to our local Mac store and got a Targus Versavu Rotating Keyboard Case.


I had only 2 options at the store, no time to shop, and a flight to catch so I bought it.  Worked like a charm; it is stylish, so it was a good investment. I used the Notability App and kept only one running note document.  For the first time at a conference I felt like I ~might~ be able to ditch my HP mini and bring only the iPad.  I have been traveling with both because using Word office products is vastly easier on the HP mini, and it’s easier to access our medical record.  When I’m flying out and back, the HP mini is more useful.  At the conference, the iPad is more useful.  Ah the ongoing techy dilemmas.

Now I’m headed back.  Always a little sad.  I hope I can make one more improvement to my conference-going plan this time around, which is to capitalize on all the great ideas flowing around in my head and not let them fade away into “never finished land”.

Oh, and next time around, I’m getting better shoes.  Gotta go back to the twitter stream and poll the #DDW13 ladies about their favorites.  That’s it until next year, in Chicago!!


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